Why is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Important?

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a thought-provoking psychological treatment that shows our thoughts and beliefs, and not external factors, are responsible for our behaviour. 

When therapists interact with people suffering from depression, alcoholism, anxiety, eating disorders, irrational phobias, or severe mental illness, they seek to understand their thought process. What is the underlying reason behind their behaviour? 

Learn more about CBT here: https://brain.com.sg/blog/cognitive-behavioral-therapy-singapore/

It helps to identify the source of some behavioural patterns.

Did you know that your thoughts and perceptions influence your behaviour? For example, a person with poor sleeping patterns starts believing he cannot sleep without the help of sleeping pills. It starts as a thought. Then it becomes a belief. Before long, it turns into an addiction. 

Besides weaning such a person off this addiction, cognitive behavioural therapy Singapore will help him change the thought pattern that put him in the hole in which he is currently stuck. 

Many people do not appreciate how much influence their negative thoughts have on their actions and behaviour. A person who goes into a marriage believing that their partner is bound to be unfaithful is likely to drive the spouse crazy with paranoia. What could have otherwise been a happy union could easily turn into a nightmare. 

It is a highly engaging therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy Singapore is a process where the person in need of therapy is fully involved. As a problem and goal-focused therapy, the patient is expected to identify the problem and goal of therapy. For example, the therapist expects the patient to discuss his thoughts, beliefs and even see the link between his behaviour and thoughts. 

The purpose of the therapy is to allow one to identify faults in their thoughts and behaviours. When this happens, change is inevitable. 

The patient is largely responsible for the outcome.

Patients undergoing therapy are often encouraged to have a positive attitude. While the same is expected of patients on CBH, they are further required to identify the reasons behind their behaviour, the significance of the therapy, and the desired outcome. 

Once the patient acknowledges the goal of cognitive therapy Singapore, he can initiate a change in his thought process and reactions to the negative thoughts. When one eventually controls his thoughts and reactions, a behaviour change is expected. 

It helps with stress management.

Did you know that Singapore annually spends $3.1 billion on stress-related illnesses? A 2019 survey by Cigna, a United States health services company, found a staggering 92% of working Singaporeans are stressed. 

The situation worsened in 2020 when most people were forced to work from home to slow the spread of the corona virus. While before they could clock off at 6 pm, most people found themselves working odd hours of the day, including public holidays.  

Cognitive behavioral therapy Singapore is a short-term solution that helps people identify stress triggers and how to avoid them. In cases where the causes of stress are unavoidable, CBH helps patients to discover coping mechanisms. 

For example, if long working hours are unavoidable, one can intentionally set aside a few hours in the day to exercise or being involved in a relaxing hobby. This will help one improve their thought process and even avoid negative thoughts. 

Therapists use CBH to help patients realize that some of their thoughts and beliefs hold them back and keep them from realizing their dreams. 

Getting Groovy for Your Toddler’s Enrichment Program

Going through a list of Singapore’s toddler enrichment classes, you will notice more of these classes making use for music and dances in their curriculum. The question is: why are more classes making use of these two teaching aids?

Toddlers are very vulnerable especially as they are at the start of their formative years. Their senses of sight, sound, and movement are some of the first to develop, so it is not a surprise that they are explored by these enrichment classes for kids.

Toddlers and their sense of hearing

Nothing is more endearing than seeing a toddler making their first sound. It could be the words ‘mama’ or ‘papa’ they make first. Immediately after that, they start mimicking the sounds they recurrently hear been made around them. That sense is one of the fastest to develop in a toddler; no wonder enrichment classes for toddlers make music one of their teaching aids.

For them, it is like the first adventure for them. Most classes sing some lullabies or some other sweet sounds to the hearing of these toddlers who then easily sing along as time goes on. Other classes will even go as far as making these music routines as interactive as possible, making it compulsory for mothers to join their toddlers that are between 4 and 18 months. This will help make up for mother to toddler bonding.

Even in those early years, these music classes also take advantage of a toddler’s affinity for sounds by teaching them how to play some musical instruments like piano and guitars. This also helps their verbal and language development, they practice articulating sounds, words and in turn strengthen their facial muscles.

Toddlers and their need for movement

When you carry some babies, they bounce up and down in your arms like they need to get on the floor and walk, even if they are not capable of that at the moment. Even as soon as they start to crawl, they are all over the place. They keep crawling to pick up household utensils as often as they could.

Enrichment classes look to make good use of this known trait and input it in how they care for your toddlers. No wonder there is a lot of activities that involve movements and dancing. In some cases, it’s in the form of simple sports that can be done alone, or with their mothers or coach. Toddlers can in this way develop their muscles, confidence; prepare them for preschool and the future.

Why enroll your toddler in an enrichment class?

For one thing, you can be sure that your child’s development will be faster and their study skills enhanced. Other useful qualities are also gradually made a part of your toddler, useful qualities like time management, relations with peers, respect, trust, and loyalty.

You can be sure that your toddler will grow up stronger with all body parts fully developed and strong. They will learn how to engage modestly in extracurricular activities.  Swimming, sports, dancing and theater acts are also some other things your toddler will learn. Surely then, it is a wise course to enroll your toddler in an enrichment class when due.

What is the Meaning of Chinese Immersion for Children?

China being an extremely hard-working and intelligent country knows how to bring out the best from among their population. They very effectively have tuned their weakness of a huge population into an extremely clever weapon of human resources which they effectively use to develop their existing sectors as well as make new ventures. Such a scheme of them is the Chinese immersion program which has now been adopted by many countries across the world, especially America.










This immersion program is basically a very innovative and creative process to teach young kids different languages mainly English and Chinese simultaneously through an inbuilt


immersion process so that the child can grasp the nuances and basics of the language very easily at that tender age because the brain of the child is not yet fixed on certain patterned learning methods. Thus this process of immersion starts from kindergarten level and goes on to university level for an all-round and overall learning. This has been a practice in Chinese kindergarten schools since a long time and is now being extensively practiced in America as well where students are kept under different kind of immersion programs whereby they are spoken with both the languages that us Chinese and English simultaneously in school.

One learning centre that practices this is Chengzhu Mandarin Centre. More information can be found on their page here. Chengzhu Chinese enrichment classes cater to both children and adult learners, and have been well received by both. You should visit their website if you are serious about learning Chinese.

Be it any kind of instructions in school or the study material itself, teachers use the vocabulary of both these languages to communicate with the kids. As a result of which the kids get accustomed to these languages through all spheres. It can be a fifty-fifty program where half of the day Chinese is used and English is used for the other half of the day as the language of communication. It can be a eighty- twenty percent program where time management is done accordingly. It has been seen that through this method, as the child is getting the benefit of both the languages and their cultures from a very young age, they tend to imbibe all that is good and research have proved this to be an excellent method of creating an intelligent and smart generation. Along with other benefits, the Chinese immersion program is strategically very cheap and thus can be very easily applied to by institutions all over.

In China and in America, the authorities make sure to appoint properly trained and certified teachers for such programs so that the best and nothing else is imparted to the children. And seen from the child psychology, it has been proved that as both the languages are coming to them from the same teachers, their difficulty in grasping the subjects becomes less and much more adaptable.

An extremely well thought and scientific process, this is sure to be of benefit for everybody who comes in contact.

How does Abacus Increase Memory Power?

The word Abacus has originated from a Greek word called Abax which means a calculating board. It is an ancient mathematical tool and was used as a real calculator until a more advanced instrument had been invented. Although it was invented several years ago, people still realize its importance and they train their children for a number of benefits associated with the abacus.

Let us see how Abacus for beginners increases memory power?

Scientific research proves that it enhances the memory of a child to a great extent, as it improves the right side of the brain and aids in brain development and helps in brain development, concentration, confidence, imaginative and creative thinking.

Development of the right brain through the abacus calculation

The brain has two sides, a left and a right side and both these sides have specific and different functions. The left brain controls many functions such as calculation, reading, writing and logical thinking. The right brain, on the other hand controls vastly different functions such as creativity, artistic abilities and three dimensional senses. When a child is introduced to abacus she is capable of developing the right side of the brain and improve on her creative ability to a great extent. Research has also proved that abacus learners have shown neural activity in the right brain when they are listening to music.

Learning Abacus increases memory power

When children learn abacus it increases memory power and strengthens the childs mental framework. It develops better reflexes and improves the attention giving ability of the child to a great extent. Through abacus training the child is able to listen and attend to a task effectively and more efficiently. When a child is constantly trying to master his skills on abacus it improves the intellectual growth of the child and fosters the growth of brain cells which aid in better memory and visualization. According to studies when children are exposed to the right kind of stimulation, it aids in brain growth and longer the better. Hence is very helpful in improving the memory and developing the brain of a child.

How soon can a child be enrolld in Abacus learning programs?

As soon a child learns to count backwards from 1-10, he or she is well equipped to join training programs which help them to learn abacus. The sooner the better because a young brain develops faster and most of the brain grows by the age of 10. There are some parents who enroll their children to training programs when they are 5 years old. If you enroll your child at an older age they can pick up pretty fast and be at par with other kids.

When a child takes up learning abacus there is a dramatic improvement in school work due to the increased brain capacity and good memory.

The child is able to concentrate and learn better

The child is able to calculate much faster than his peers

He has a good memory and even better retention skills

The child can cope better with stress and peer pressure

The child also has good mathematical abilities

The child has enhanced reflexes

It improves the childs ability to focus and improves concentration

The child has a good logical thinking ability

The child is able to express and think creatively

The child is a better problem solver

These are some of the many skills which a child can achieve when he/she is exposed to learning abacus and the child is able to exhibit these skills as a result of good memory and better mental framework.

Techniques For Improving Mathematical Faculty

Why are mathematical skills needed?

Mathematics is an important subject taught in school. It is very much needed in every day life – from calculating ones age to managing your finances, mathematics plays an important role in every phase of life. But unfortunately, for centuries mathematics has been a subject that most children are afraid of. One major reason for this fear is that concepts are not explained well to children. can help clear these concepts from a very early stage in life. It is the duty of the parents and the teachers to explain to the child that the complex symbols used in mathematics are not to be afraid of. Teaching mathematics to children is definitely not an easy task. So, here are certain tips that parents and teachers can follow while teaching mathematics to children:

Teach children that mathematics is like a game and not as a tough subject – Making this change will surely enhance the learning process by making it more effective and faster. Using different colored abacus and toys to explain concepts of mathematics is also effective in making the understanding clear.

Boost your childs confidence – Not every child can be perfect from the beginning. Some have a better learning curve than others. Hence if your child takes time to learn or understand a concept, there is no point in scolding your child. Rather explain to your child that every maths problem has a solution to it so they need to put in the effort to find the solution.

Chalk out a regular progress system – It is quite important to track your childs progress. To fare well in in mathematics, practice is very important. You need to explain this to your child and build out a systematic progress system.

Let the child know interesting mathematics facts – Children are usually very curious and teaching them maths concepts through facts is a good idea. This will help increase their interest in the subject, and in turn learn concepts faster.

How to increase aptitude in mathematics

Before you make your child proficient in mathematics, it is important to follow this five-step process to understand your childs mathematical aptitude.

Step 1: The first step is to understand the childs aptitude in mathematics. It is the duty of the parents to grow the childs interest in mathematics.

Step 2: Belief and confidence is the key to progress. Boost your child’s confidence in the subject and make them believe that no maths problem is difficult and that they can solve it. This will make the subject more interesting.

Step 3: It is your work to ensure that your childs understanding of maths concepts are very clear so they can solve maths problems logically. Children who take up an abacus program

Step 4: Another aspect that many tend to ignore is neat presentation. Presenting the data shared and variables neatly also helps a lot in boosting interest in the subject. Encourage children to write down numbers neatly while solving problems.

Step 5: Helping the child when they falter is very important. Every child has a different understanding level. While some may grasp concepts soon, others may not. So, make sure you help your child whenever needed.

Along with the five steps mentioned above, you can also send your child to abacus training classes to improve their skill. Teach your child as per their learning curve. Set up a daily schedule to practice mathematics on a regular basis. Also, let children know that mathematics can be applied in their daily activities too. This will increase your childs interest in maths and make understanding the subject easier.

Benefits Of Playclub For Children And Parents

‘Relationship plus rules results in respect and responsibility’. This is how the ideal relationship between parents and a child has been described. The quality time spent by parents with their toddler or child can have a great impact on the characteristic of the child. Most of the major character building process happens before the age of eight. A systematic routine as well as keeping in mind the needs of the children, help a child have a well-developed method of lifestyle which is very beneficial when he becomes a young adult. The play club has activities that engage the child as well as the parent which results in a deeper understanding of the child’s needs. The benefits of play club for children as well as parents are:-

1) The child is able to achieve more without the influence of parent’s level of education or socio-economic status. As the parents increase the communication with their child, the parents are more sensitive and responsive to the child’s intellectual, social as well as emotional developmental needs.

2) Children achieve better test scores, grades as well as attend school regularly. They are also consistent in completing their homework. As these results come in, parents are more confident in their parenting skills and decision-making skills. As parents experience what type of system works and what teaching techniques are effective; parents can give their point of view for making decisions regarding curriculum.

3) Self-esteem and self-discipline are achieved by children who display higher motivation and aspiration towards school activities. The parent understands child development in depth and reflects affection and encouragement to the child rather than punishment. As a result, children are more obedient to instruction and minimal problems are faced as disciplinary reasons. The parent can be effective service and counsel providers.

4) As the parent knows exactly what the child needs, fewer children would require remedial teaching or special education. The parents are present at play club, so they’re perceptive of the teaching method and teaching staff is improved. They are committed to contributing to the school for activities and developmental events. As the parents know what the child is learning it is easy for the parent to take up some concepts at home as a revision on the request of the teacher.

The relationship between the parents, teacher, and the student is strong due to clear communication of thoughts. Apply now and participate to see your child blossom into the best that he or she can be. For academic skills that is

not covered in a playclub , enrichment classes for kids helps to fulfil this area.