Benefits Of Playclub For Children And Parents

‘Relationship plus rules results in respect and responsibility’. This is how the ideal relationship between parents and a child has been described. The quality time spent by parents with their toddler or child can have a great impact on the characteristic of the child. Most of the major character building process happens before the age of eight. A systematic routine as well as keeping in mind the needs of the children, help a child have a well-developed method of lifestyle which is very beneficial when he becomes a young adult. The play club has activities that engage the child as well as the parent which results in a deeper understanding of the child’s needs. The benefits of play club for children as well as parents are:-

1) The child is able to achieve more without the influence of parent’s level of education or socio-economic status. As the parents increase the communication with their child, the parents are more sensitive and responsive to the child’s intellectual, social as well as emotional developmental needs.

2) Children achieve better test scores, grades as well as attend school regularly. They are also consistent in completing their homework. As these results come in, parents are more confident in their parenting skills and decision-making skills. As parents experience what type of system works and what teaching techniques are effective; parents can give their point of view for making decisions regarding curriculum.

3) Self-esteem and self-discipline are achieved by children who display higher motivation and aspiration towards school activities. The parent understands child development in depth and reflects affection and encouragement to the child rather than punishment. As a result, children are more obedient to instruction and minimal problems are faced as disciplinary reasons. The parent can be effective service and counsel providers.

4) As the parent knows exactly what the child needs, fewer children would require remedial teaching or special education. The parents are present at play club, so they’re perceptive of the teaching method and teaching staff is improved. They are committed to contributing to the school for activities and developmental events. As the parents know what the child is learning it is easy for the parent to take up some concepts at home as a revision on the request of the teacher.

The relationship between the parents, teacher, and the student is strong due to clear communication of thoughts. Apply now and participate to see your child blossom into the best that he or she can be. For academic skills that is

not covered in a playclub , enrichment classes for kids helps to fulfil this area.