Getting Groovy for Your Toddler’s Enrichment Program

Going through a list of Singapore’s toddler enrichment classes, you will notice more of these classes making use for music and dances in their curriculum. The question is: why are more classes making use of these two teaching aids?

Toddlers are very vulnerable especially as they are at the start of their formative years. Their senses of sight, sound, and movement are some of the first to develop, so it is not a surprise that they are explored by these enrichment classes for kids.

Toddlers and their sense of hearing

Nothing is more endearing than seeing a toddler making their first sound. It could be the words ‘mama’ or ‘papa’ they make first. Immediately after that, they start mimicking the sounds they recurrently hear been made around them. That sense is one of the fastest to develop in a toddler; no wonder enrichment classes for toddlers make music one of their teaching aids.

For them, it is like the first adventure for them. Most classes sing some lullabies or some other sweet sounds to the hearing of these toddlers who then easily sing along as time goes on. Other classes will even go as far as making these music routines as interactive as possible, making it compulsory for mothers to join their toddlers that are between 4 and 18 months. This will help make up for mother to toddler bonding.

Even in those early years, these music classes also take advantage of a toddler’s affinity for sounds by teaching them how to play some musical instruments like piano and guitars. This also helps their verbal and language development, they practice articulating sounds, words and in turn strengthen their facial muscles.

Toddlers and their need for movement

When you carry some babies, they bounce up and down in your arms like they need to get on the floor and walk, even if they are not capable of that at the moment. Even as soon as they start to crawl, they are all over the place. They keep crawling to pick up household utensils as often as they could.

Enrichment classes look to make good use of this known trait and input it in how they care for your toddlers. No wonder there is a lot of activities that involve movements and dancing. In some cases, it’s in the form of simple sports that can be done alone, or with their mothers or coach. Toddlers can in this way develop their muscles, confidence; prepare them for preschool and the future.

Why enroll your toddler in an enrichment class?

For one thing, you can be sure that your child’s development will be faster and their study skills enhanced. Other useful qualities are also gradually made a part of your toddler, useful qualities like time management, relations with peers, respect, trust, and loyalty.

You can be sure that your toddler will grow up stronger with all body parts fully developed and strong. They will learn how to engage modestly in extracurricular activities.  Swimming, sports, dancing and theater acts are also some other things your toddler will learn. Surely then, it is a wise course to enroll your toddler in an enrichment class when due.